At around Christmas I was googling around for a nice leopard print dress as my boyfriend had promised that that would be my Christmas gift. I stumbled across Pinup Girl Clothing and fell head over heels!!! After much debating I decided that this dress by the gorgeous talented Micheline Pitt was the one for me!

I got the dress in XXL as it was the biggest there, but as you can see I could do with it being a touch bigger round the bust – but the rest of the dress fits so well that I solve the problem with…you guessed it, a belt!!!

After that I was hooked and kept making huge orders but then cancelling just before getting to the checkout as shipping and customs means that ordering to the UK isn’t too cheap and returning ill-fitting impulse buys would be a nightmare! However, I caved at the Jessica Wiggle dress in red – it just oozes sex appeal from right off the page and I had to give it a go!

I got this dress in XXL and ideally could have done with an XL but it still works and I feel like Jessica Rabbit in it!!!

I also got this gorgeous skirt which somehow manages to accommodate my waist AND bum – perfect!!!

After that I tried so hard to restrain myself…until I saw this. I have always loved and admired Teer Wayde’s look, style, figure and positive message but oh my, this was just teasing!!!! And so after much deliberation…I ordered again…

This Heidi Dress is just exquisite. I ordered an XXL but feel that an XL would have been better. It is just so divine and girly and makes me want to spin in circles!

I got this gorgeous Kelly Dress in an XXXL and let’s just say there is no room for manoeuvre in the bust department! It is also much shorter than I am happy with but that’s what leggings are for! The colour is amazing!!

The gorgeous Pirate Dress was one I hesitated over as those dreaded horizontal lines can sometimes be the enemy! However it is balanced by the flattering darker skirt and is totally gorgeous! I got this in XXL but XL would have been better.

Oh the Zebra Dress – the one that nearly got away as I was convinced that the tight patternedness would just fail on me but I think you’ll agree that this XXL dress is rather flattering!!! I am one happy bunny!!!!

PUG is definitely a store that works for ladies with curves and if you are not in the US and you are willing to take a slightly pricey risk then give it a go – you will not be disappointed!  They have sizing charts for each item and a very busy Facebook page full of ladies willing to give advice on the fit and cut of dresses.  Now there are no excuses!!!


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