A petite yet curvy friend of mine has recently felt like whatever she wears people just see her boobs and judge her on it and never in a positive way, which has naturally really upset her.
People often seem to assume that if a woman is busty she must be easy, a bit of a slag, have fake boobs and therefore want the attention and so on and so forth – never mind that we couldn’t help that we grew them ourselves/chose to have an enhancement for reasons that do not include making money from them. Girls become irrationally jealous, guys become lustful and things can get pretty out of hand. And over what – part of our bodies that has as much right to be there as someone with extremely long legs or large hands. It is not the done thing to comment on other people’s body parts so why should boobs get so much grief?!
Obviously I am not naïve enough to say that boobs aren’t alluring and don’t play a major role when it comes to sexual fun times, but genitals also do, yet you don’t (often) see women going round staring at men’s crotches in the vague hope that they might catch a glimpse of a bulge.

I recently dressed up as Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture show for a friend’s Birthday party. This is she for those who are wondering:

As I was wearing a corset I literally had boobs by my chin, and had to indulge being called all manner of hurtful names, having guys leer over me, telling me they were going to dream about me, nudging one another to point out my boobs – and at first I was wildly defensive and raging at every single one of them – until a friend pointed out that dressed as I was it was a given that people would react in such a way and I should just get over it! Later on in the night I was served by a barmaid who exchanged sneering glances with her colleague as she advanced towards me to take my order. So I totally called her ‘she must be one helluva dirty skank’ bluff by sweetly asking for my drinks in the politest way possible and received a shocked reaction. She made my requested vodka soda with tonic instead which I decided to point out, followed by a ‘I’ve worked in clubs, I know how annoying it is to redo orders, don’t worry honey I’ll drink it anyway’. Pah. Never judge a woman by her breasts. Here I am with my Cheetah boyfy (it was a ‘C’ party)

It may sound silly, but having a large chest can really knock one’s confidence – it’s harder to buy bras and clothes, harder to fit in and wear what others are wearing, hard to run for the bus without jiggling all over the place – sometimes it can feel like your whole life revolves around dressing for and living with your knockers and it can make you feel like you don’t quite fit in, like your shape is not right, not normal, not acceptable. People seem to think ‘yeah yeah, you’ve got it easy, I’d love to have big boobs’ – but would you? Would you like to go through hell in changing rooms, trying to get a gorgeous dress on but getting it stuck above your boobs, or worse, getting it on, not digging the ‘pressed up against a window’ look and then hearing that awful ripping sound when you try to struggle out of it?! Would you like to part with the best bit of thirty quid every time you buy a new bra? Would you like it if your best mate’s Dad oggled your chest every time you went round? Would you like to wear a strappy top like everyone else, only to find that your bit of cleavage on display is what most would tut at? Having a large chest can have just the same ups and downs and having a smaller one and it should not be lusted after or envied, just treated an often ambivalent body part.

Having big boobs of course makes me overly obsessed with them – talking boobs, noticing other women’s boobs (in a subtle non judgemental way, naturally) and I know that my friends on FB are sick of hearing about it! But I just can’t help it – maybe I think that if I am ok and easy-going with the topic and with answering any questions or replying with witty answers to any stupid remarks then people will just get over them and stop seeing me as a massive walking pair of tits and see me – there is a lot more to me than just my H puppies.
I don’t imagine the stares or comments will ever stop but I just wanted to get it off my chest.


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