Ok, you can all groan at the bad pun – but I am in love! I received my Turquoise Masquerade Plunge from Simply Yours the other day and my oh my it is DIVINE! It was delivered by a courier at no extra cost and they kept me informed of it’s arrival, the packaging was gorgeous and made me feel like I was getting an exquisite present, and the bra…oh Masquerade you have done yourselves proud! A plunge bra in a 36H that keeps the puppies aloft whilst encasing them in boyfriend silencing artwork, wow! Did I mention that turquoise/teal is my favoutite colour?! Heaven! This bra is very similar to the Tempt Me by Curvy Kate and I was devastated when the trial 34J failed to keep me aloft as it is an amazing bra – but this is some consolation prize! It almost overtakes my love for the glorious Deco – and that is saying something!
As I said before Masquerade bras tend to be fairly true to size and firm in the back so if you are H or below I would advise you purchase one of these amazing bra sets – worth every penny of my Star In A Bra voucher 😉
So without further ado, drum rolls if you please, here it is…


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