It was only a couple of years ago that I realised that Bravissimo actually sold clothes!   I started off by buying clothes for the sake of it and just revelled in the fact that my boobs fit into them, but then I started to develop my style and taste and I now love all of the items I own.  I bought a fair few from eBay and I am always on the look out for bargains on there – plus selling unwanted Bravissimo clothes can make me back what I spend!  I used to be a standard 16SC in Bravissimo, but since the launch of Pepperberry I have found that even 18SC is too small on the bust – something that, as a Superfan, I have raised in depth with Bravissimo, along with others, and it should hopefully be resolved.  I find that Bravissimo dresses are often knee length which is perfect for me as I HATE my upper legs.  They can sometimes be a little frumpy but I try to jazz them up with belts and bright shrugs – the belts are especially essential as they are always too big on my waist and I like the nipped in hourglass look.  And they can sometimes be a leeeetle too low on my bust, so I have to tack them closed – but they have so far been the best solution for my bust and body.  I quite often can’t even get one boob into high street size 20 dresses and so I heavily rely on Bravissimo as most shops only go up to a 16.  I will later be showing you a few other brands I regularly use but I have to confess that the majority of my wardrobe is

I am wearing my black deco set , no shapewear and Vampire MaryJanes from Pinup Girl Clothing with all of the dresses and I tried to just accessorise with a belt where necessary.  I buy a lot of my belts from eBay as they are pretty cheap.  It took a bit of getting used too when I first started wearing them but now I can’t seem to be without them!  I think they are a must have if you are curvier as they help to show off your proportions and break up an outfit.  Sorry for the quality of the photos – I just have a basic handheld camera.  I am 5’7 :)

This dress is a 16SC.  I had to tack the cleavage shut a little so as not to scare the general public!  I love the length, it is pretty much perfect and flattering what with the amount of cleavage still on show.  The pattern is divine – despite being bigger I never find a problem with any patterns or colours and I think it’s best to just work with what you find comfortable and what you like.  The fit is the most important and this is great on pretty much any size girl.

This dress sold out very quickly but it is amazing!  There is a tie on the back which you can tighten to reveal or hide your choice of cleavage 😉 I of course added my trusty belt just to finish the look off and break up the pattern a little.  And there is the perfect length once again.

So this is an 18SC as the 16SC would not zip up, yet one side would always fall down and nearly reveal a bit too much so I sewed it up a bit – but as you can see it is a slightly imperfect job and needs redoing! I would never wear this without my trusty leggings or tights as it is very short on me.  However, it does have a sash so I can cinch it in around my waist :)

This Grey Lime dress is a 16SC.  No belt needed, no tacking needed, and that pattern looks fab on every size – very flattering and chic!  Possibly one of the best pepperberry dresses!

This 16SC scoop necked jersey dress is very flattering and can be dressed up or down very easily.  V necks are traditionally best for bustier girls but I think this works very well.  And of course there is the useful belt again!

This asymmertical khaki dress in a 16SC is not for eveyone.  For starters, the dress itself creases very easily.  But with regards to the cut – most people find it an odd look as it can seem like the dress is on wrong or a mistake.  But I really love this look – the neckline sets it off and it is perfect for dressing up or down – I once even wore it to a job interview!  Plus the length is, as ever, perfect :)

Ah the kimono! 16SC.  This dress flew off the virtual shelves!  It is rather generous in the bust and so I adjusted it, as shown by a friend, by gathering it up at the nape of the neck and tucking it in.  It is also very versatile – fab with flip flops in the day and heels in the night.  The material seems clingy but I found it skimmed my lumps and bumps pretty well.  It is very much worth keeping an eye on eBay or trying the new red version that Pepperberry now sell.

This is the Marl dress in a 16SC.  I wouldn’t usually go for a dress that is so loose around the bottom as it only accentuates my plump rump, but this is a great demure piece to have for those occasions where you can’t really show it off!  I wore it a lot over Christmas and even my Granny approved!

Another scoopnecked beauty!  I LOVE this dress, I think it is intended for office wear but I find it very sexy!  A perfect look for Fridays at work where you can go from the desk to the pub.  I need to find one of those jobs…

This is an older Bravissimo dress which often pops up on eBay.  The formation of spots is soooo flattering, it love it!  And no belt needed…she says, wishing she had added a belt in these photos!

Another older dress that can often be found on eBay!  I was so wary of getting this – it has a huge print, it isn’t tight around the bottom…but I find that it gives a lovely 60s style look and I get nothing but compliments when I wear it!

Ah the teal dress!  My favourite colour – so I cried when I received it in 16SC and the lining was too tight.  However, a few snip happy minutes later and ta da, an amazing shape, length and neckline!  A perfect dress for a night out!

16SC two tone…a bit hit and miss.  Great neck line, fab with a belt but the strange pleating on the tummy makes it not the most flattering dress.  Plus it is a tad short so again, leggings needed.  I find it a great casual dress.

This is the original ballerina dress in an 18SC which was all that was left but I had to have it!  I love that it is structured in the bust and lose the colours – it is definately one of my favourite dresses, so much so that I bought…

I bought this in a 16SC and also had the lining problem – which also needed removal.  The horizontal stripes on these dresses are so flattering and quite unique.

I have recently decided that maxi dresses are not too great with my bottom – they hang off it and give the illusion that I am even bigger.  However, this heavy Zebra maxi skims me fairly well  – but I found the new Pepperberry lighter ones have not done me justice.  I guess it’s just what you feel happy in.

I don’t really have many Bravissimo tops as I mostly wear dresses and so I apologise for not showing any of them.

I hope that this was a useful post :)


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