Having a large chest and loving padded/moulded bras is a difficult, expensive and imperfect combination. I am addicted to the shape and ‘coverage’ that they provide and really struggle to give non padded bras a go. I have been fitted most recently as a 36H/34J depending on the style and brand.  I tend to wear size 16/18 bottoms and am a true hourglass with my measurements being 48-33-48.  Having participated in Star In A Bra and achieving a third place victory means I am no stranger to being in my smalls and on the web.  So now I shall share and discuss a few of my favourite sets…

Frida Deco by Freya

This set is the Frida Deco by Freya.

The Deco is my absolute FAVOURITE bra, despite the fact that I have to make do with wearing a 36GG on the tightest hook and control the spillage in a way that would make BP turn green.  The moulded plunge cups give an unrivalled smooth and sexy cleavage and I have never found a dress or top too low to quell my addiction.  The Deco comes in a sizeable variety of colours and patterns and it is worth checking eBay to snare yourself an eye popping bargain.  I have met only a handful of non Deco followers, and I truly believe it to be a masterpiece in the bosom sling world.  With Freya I often find I have to go down in the back and up one or two cup sizes, so bear this in mind if ordering online.

36GG Strapless Deco

This brings me to the Strapless Deco! As you can see from the photo it doesn’t give quite the WOW cleavage, but with a bust my size I have given up trying to get any sort of va va voom without straps.  However, this 36GG beauty is the best strapless I have ever tried and when I put a (now slightly big) 16SC Bravissimo dress on top…

Phew! They're still in place!

…you can see that the shape is pretty good!  However, I think I will stick to wearing it with halter necks!

Freya Jolie 34J/16

I am not a massive fan of non padded bras but make an exception for this beautiful creation – the Freya Jolie.   The shape and uplift is amazing and has semi converted me to the non padded side…almost…

34J/18 Curvy Kate Tease Me

Oh how I love Curvy Kate bras.

Beautiful bras made exclusively for the larger bust, the tables have turned!

Excitingly, I got to trial a 34J Tease Me at the photoshoot for Star In A Bra.   Having been used to stuffing myself into 34H’s for some time I was astounded…no more size boob, no more squashed boob and WOW what an oomph!  The Curvy Kate Showgirl collection is a must have for every larger busted woman!  I do find, as with Freya that I have to go down a back and up a cup, and have to go up a few sizes in the pants too but it is sooo worth it to get that boudoir sex appeal!

36H/16 Rhea by Masquerade

This is the Rhea bra and I cannot express how amazing it is to find a padded bra in a 36H.  The shape and uplift and downright sex appeal of this bra should make it a staple piece in every larger busted girl’s underwear drawer.  Here is how it sits under a dress:

Dorothy Perkins Prom Dress

Dorothy Perkins Prom Dress

Dorothy Perkins Prom Dress

And last but not least I bring you…shapewear!

XL Maidenform Shapewear

Maidenform Shapewear

Shapewear with a thigh slimmer and straps is easy to come by – but they often have a built in bra which is a no no for a larger chest.  That’s why Maidenform is awesome – this little number covers up a multitude of sins and still allows me to get some great cleavage in my Deco.  The only flaw is  the bra like hook and eye fastening on the crotch, which can be a nightmare when drunk…

Here it is under a dress:

XXL Pinup Girl 'Jessica' Dress

PinUp Girl Clothing

I hope that this post has been helpful and useful.  Feel free to ask me any questions :)


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